Pole attachment


1.This photo shows the Splinter Bar set up for a pair. In order to attach the pair-pole, you will need to follow the steps outlined below.

2. Remove the Pole Pin, lift the ring on the Snap Pin, and take it out of the hole. Then you can slide the Pole Pin out from the Splinter Bar.

3. Rotate the Pole-Spring Connecting Rod (located on the underside of the Pole) back toward the Pole Base. Remove the slide pin from the connecting Rod.

4. Place the base of the Pole into the space provided when the Pole Pin was removed. Insert the Pole Pin through the Pole Base and put the Snap Pin in place.

5. Center the „U” shaped end of the Connecting Rod over the Spring Assembly Attachment Bar. Slide pin through mated holes and lock in place with the snap pin.

6. The correctly attached Pair Pole will look like this from the underside.


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