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      Cart CT3

    –    for horse
    –    track width 138 cm
    –    wheels size 90 cm
    –    no brakes (can be added as option),  an easy entry cart that sits lower to the ground with adjustable, removable shafts that angle upward. This cart is designed primarily with the disabled driver in mind. The full bench seat slides forward and backward to adjust for leg length and to aid in balancing the cart on the horse. Average track width of 138 cm. It comes with a removable wedge seat. Comes with wooden fenders with lamp holders. Single tree is designed for roller bolt or „D” end traces and quick release shackles. Available with hard rubber or pneumatic-tires on steel wheels.
     length -220 cm,
     width -140 cm,
     height -130 cm
     weight -110 kg